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"The Studs"

Every couple of years I introduce a new unrelated male into the breeding program. I purchase males that will not only be compatible, but also compliment the females that I have owned for generations. These dogs are screened for hip dyplasia, elbow dyplasia & heritary eye problems before they are bred to our long established line of the Sho-Me Labradors girls. If any problems develop, I know where it came from and will not keep any of thier offspring.



 Quigley is a combination of the best of the best.  I bred my most beautiful Chocolate Female to my most beautiful Black Male (Drake-see below) and look what I got.  Perfection!

At 2 years of age, his head is huge, his body is sooo stocky, his top-line is perfect. And his personality is spectacular!

Quigley will sire our next generation of Chocolates, watch for his beautiful babies!

 Click here to see some of his kids!



I recently purchased Brady from a breeder in Montana, when I saw him I just knew I had to have him.  He has all the qualities that I love about labradors, big head, beautiful dark pigment, lush coat, proper ear set and most of all a loveable temperment.  Brady willproduce the next generation of the Sho-Me Labradors.  His 1st puppy was born on Feb. 4th, 2009, she is so gorgous!!!

Click here to see his 1st born daughter "Haley"



If you are looking for a English bred lab look no further 
his father
was imported from England. His 1st litter of puppies has proven him to produce top quality puppies when bred to the Sho-Me Labradors. They have big blocky heads,very stocky bodies and lush coats. But best of all, they have that tail waggin' personality that you can expect from the Sho-Me Labradors.
Some of Gary's kids are : Preston






A big dog with a big head and even bigger heart!
He is extremely loyal and passes it on to his puppies. 
Drake is a incredible retriever, so if you are looking for 
dog that will be a great family member, but will explode 
in the water on the weekends, his puppies will retrieve 
every duck that you can shoot down. But with their mellow 
personality, don't expect them to win a field trial.

They will win your heart!



A incredible dog in good looks and intellence. 
He is one of the 3 dogs that Brian trained 
at Professional Dog Training School.
He scoarded high in all his classes. He is a son 
of our famous dog, "Bubba Chuck".
His good looks and delightful personality 
makes him famous at Sho-Me Labradors.





"Labradors Of Distinction"