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   Life's Abundance Health Food For Dogs

I have been researching dog food for many, many years.  I am the former owner of 2 retail stores, "Pet Nutrition Center", & The Dog Depot in Rolla, MO.  We sold several different dog food brands.  My highest recommend food has always been "All Natural, Holistic" dog foods.  Since then I have researched many more dog food brands. I have finally found a brand that I feel will not only benefit your puppy's development but will also enhance their immune system to help prevent cancer and other life threatening diseases. This food is packed with "Antioxidants" to boost your pets immune system, therefore keeping them healthly from "Free Radicals", in which start chain reactions that damage cells.

Life's Abundance Premium Health Food - Formulated for Puppies & Adult Dogs.
This dog food may seem expensive, but I calulated the cost for a 85 lb. adult Labrador and it turns out to be only $10.00 per week (including shipping) when you sign up for the the "Auto Ship" program.  It is so convenient, every 6 weeks a fresh bag will arrive at your home directly from the dog food plant. Now that's fresh dog food!!!

"Labradors Of Distinction"