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We now Specialize in,
Trained Young Adults

We have several request for Dogs 1 Year & Older. The Dogs that we have Available are
 Crate Trained, and being House-Broken. They live Full Time in our Training House.
They know their Basic Obedience Commands. We Teach them Manners, they are very
Well Behaved & Socialized.
These Young Dogs are Up to Date on all their Vaccines.
They are looking for Loving Families.

Purchasing a Trained Young Adult can solve your Dilemma of getting a new dog.
Prices vary according to how much Training is involved & their Qualities such
as how Large their Head is and how Light their Coat is.
Larger Heads & Lighter Coats are in High Demand!
**Click On Our Photos To See More Pictures Of Us!!!** 
 We have Several More Dogs in Training ~ Please Email Me with a Discription of what Exactly You want

in a Dog. Such as the Size of the Dog and Do you want and Male or Female? Do You want your Dog
to mainly be a Family Pet, Therpy Dog or Service Dog? What Color do you want? 
If Yellow, What Shade? "Almost White" or a Darker Shade. Include Everything that is Important to You
And I will Help you Find the Perfecrt Dog for your Family!



  Click on Our Pictures to see Our Photo Albums  

  These 3 Brothers are of Exceptional  Quality with Large English Heads &
Stocky Built Bodies!
               ~ Simon ~                 ~ Sturgis ~                ~ Stuart ~  
  - SimonPROFILE_R5202RB - NEWSturgisPROFILE_R3642RB - NEWStuart2PROFILE_R5534RB  




"Labradors Of Distinction"