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We now Specialize in,
Trained Young Adults

We have several request for Dogs 1 Year & Older. The Dogs that we have Available are
 Crate Trained, and being House-Broken. They live Full Time in our Training House.
They know their Basic Obedience Commands. We Teach them Manners, they are very
Well Behaved & Socialized.
These Young Dogs are Up to Date on all their Vaccines.
They are looking for Loving Families.

Purchasing a Trained Young Adult can solve your Dilemma of getting a new dog.
Prices vary according to how much Training is involved & their Qualities such
as how Large their Head is and how Light their Coat is.
Larger Heads & Lighter Coats are in High Demand!
**Click On Our Photos To See More Pictures Of Us!!!** 
 We have Several More Dogs in Training ~ Please Email Me with a Discription of what Exactly You want

in a Dog. Such as the Size of the Dog and Do you want and Male or Female? Do You want your Dog
to mainly be a Family Pet, Therpy Dog or Service Dog? What Color do you want? 
If Yellow, What Shade? "Almost White" or a Darker Shade. Include Everything that is Important to You
And I will Help you Find the Perfecrt Dog for your Family!



  Click on Our Pictures to see Our Photo Albums  




  These 2 Brothers are of Exceptional Quality with
                    Large "True English" Heads & Stocky Built Bodies!       
       They are Obedience Trained and House Broken.  
     They have been started in Service Dog Training and have Accumlated    
  Several Hours towards their Public Access Goal of 180 Logged Hours.    
               ~ Simon ~ SOLD
               ~ Stuart ~  
  - SimonPROFILE_R5202RB - NEWStuart2PROFILE_R5534RB  




"Labradors Of Distinction"