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        Have You been Wanting a Dog
in Your Life to Complete Your Family? 
But just too Busy to Train a Baby Puppy & Need Your Sleep at Night?
Purchasing a "Crate Trained" Puppy can Solve Your Dilemma!  
We are Experts at Crate Training Puppies!  And to Make your Life even a Little Bit Easier,  we can Start them in Basic Obedience Training!
Puppies are Priced According to their Quality,
and the Level of Training that they have Completed!

  Life is to Short to Live without a Labrador
and a Sho-Me Labrador makes Life so much Easier!
              We Have More Young Dogs in Training                  
Photo's Coming Soon!

  - PorschesPROFILE  

                    We were Born On:  November 4th and are 9 Months Old!                  
Sandy says we are Very Big for our Age, so we need to stay very Calm and Mellow! 
         We have some Big Paws to Live up to since our Grand Pa, "Randy" was a
very Famous Sho-Me Labrador!  And Our Great Grand Pa is, "Bubba Chuck"!
We are now Fully Crate Trained and just Started in Our Basic Obedience Training! 
   - PhoenixMC118PROFILE_R2900RB  - PistolPetePROFILE_R1522RB  
   ~ Phoenix ~ ~ Pistol Pete ~ SOLD  



Most Puppies at the Ages of 3 - 6 Months Go Though a "Awkward Stage", Sort of like
 Our Teenage Children Do.  The Puppies are Growing VERY Fast and Now have Long Legs
and are VERY Out of Proportion!  Their Nose, Ears, Legs and Right Down to their Tails
Look Way Too Long for their Size! Their Bodies are Losing the "Baby Fat" and they Don't
Look Anything Like That Cute Fat Puppy You Once Had.....Don't Worry, if Your Puppy is a
Well Bred Sho-Me Labrador, It will All Come Back to GORGEOUS!!!!  But, Remember...I said,
"Most Puppies", Butttt......Then Again, You Have........















"Labradors Of Distinction"