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K-9 Kamp

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For Dogs



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 What To Bring???

Dog Collar
- Please make sure your Dog's Collar is tight enough that they
won't slip out.  If you can slip it over their head, it is too loose.  Please
have their name tag on the collar, just in case we mix them up.  The
Sho-Me Labradors look a lot a like!

Dog Food
- Please bring your dogs own food. 
This keeps our prices lower and because we don't want to change their diets. 
There are too many different foods for us to stock.  Changing a dogs food
can be a major cause of diarrhea. 
We are licenced by the State of Missouri and they require all food to be
put in "air tight" containers.  If you don't have a container big enough we
can provide them for you.
We have some clients that pre-bag their dogs food.  This helps us out!!!
Measure out how much food that you want your dog to have at each meal,
and then just let us know if they get 1 baggie per day or 1 baggie 2 times
per day.  Some clients put the dogs medication in the baggie!

Medication- Not a Problem!!!  We can give your dogs medication at NO CHARGE.
Please provide instructions on how many pills of each meds and to give. We keep
a BRIGHT YELLOW Medication chart that we initial as we give the medication to
make sure it is done right.

Health Records - Click on this link for more information.

Toys - You can send toys with your dogs but please send old ones.  We cannot
guarantee that you will get them back!  Some of the dogs take them to the Play
Yards and then they get them mixed up with others.  Please label all toys and
we will try our best to get them to the right dog. 

Dog Beds - Some clients send fancy dog beds.  This is a "True K-9 Kamp", your dog
is going to go out and have fun and get very dirty!  If they are signed up for Nature
Walks and or Swim Kamp they will come in still wet.  This gets the dog bed wet and
it doesn't dry out good.  We have "Dog Kots" to elevate your dog off the concrete that
dries quickly.  If you would like to send a blanket or towel or even sheets we pick them
up during the day so that they don't get wet and then put it down at night.

Don't Send - Dog Dishes or Water Buckets.  We use Stainless Steel Dishes & Buckets.
They are disinfected between each "Kampper" or more often if necessary.

We will also send your dog's leash back with you. We don't want to misplace it or forget it.
"The Least Amount Of Things I have To Remember, The Better"!




"Labradors Of Distinction"