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 St. Louis Shuttle Service

Believe it or not, 90% of our business comes from the St. Louis area!!!  Why???
Because they want their dog to have a great time at Kamp and because they know

that as Pet Professionals we take Great Care of your dog!!!!  All of our employees are
"True Dog Lovers". 

As our St. Louis clientele increased we decided to try a Shuttle Service and it
has become a big success!  Our boarding prices are very low so we do have to
charge for the shuttle service, but you will still save money!

Where & When to Meet???
We meet at Queeny Park 3 days a week!   Monday, Wednesday & Friday
See below for Directions to the Park and Location to meet in the park.

Shuttle Times: When picking up your dog FROM Kamp be there at 4:00 P.M.
                       When bringing your dog TO Kamp be there around 4:15-4:30
This allows time for the dogs coming home from Kamp to get off the shuttle before
the new arrivals show up. This way there will be space available on the shuttle for
the dogs going to Kamp.

Prices:     Round Trip Shuttle for One Dog:    $30.00
               One Way Shuttle for One Dog:      $20.00

               Round Trip Shuttle for Two Dogs:   $45.00
               One Way Shuttle for Two Dogs:     $30.00

  Take Manchester Road.  Turn North on Weidman Road.  Turn into the
Main Entrance to Queeny Park.  Then take the 2nd Road to the Left.  There are Green
Gates at the Entrance to this road. (If they are closed go to the next Parking Lot across
from the Playground). Once in the "Upper Parking Lot" drive to the East side of the lot.
This parking lot is usually vacant and much safer for the dogs.  Please save the shaded
parking space for the Shuttle to help keep it cooler for the dogs.

Shuttle Vehicle:  Depending on the number of dogs to be picked up,
we will drive our Blue Van with a Raised Roof.
During the busy season we even have a White Shuttle Bus!!!

If you cannot find us or you are running late please call us: 
Sandy's Cell Phone  573-263-0972 or
Steve's Cell Phone is 573-263-1315.


"Labradors Of Distinction"