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Baby Puppies in the Nursery
All the Puppies are born in the basement of my home under Strict Supervision.  The Mothers are
brought into my house when they are 5 Weeks along
in their pregnancy. They are kept at my house until
they have fully re-cooperated
from weaning the Puppies. The Puppies are then moved up to the enclosed,
climate controlled
Puppy room, where they have large Puppy pens to play in.  The pens are freshened
 up with pine shavings daily. The Puppies are let out of the pens 2 times per day to romp & play.
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     We were Born On: July 7th and will be 8 Weeks Old On: September 11th!     
  - ThorsTreasurePupBorn071721    - TrackerPROFILE   
   ~ Thor ~     ~ Tracker ~  


       We were Born On: July 12th and will be 8 Weeks Old On: September 6th      
  - ShimmerSassyPuppyPROFILE
- SparklesSassyPuppyPROFILE  
  ~ Shimmer ~   ~ Sparkles ~  
  - 1SterlingPROFILE   - 1StormyPROFILE  
  ~ Sterling ~   ~ Stormy ~  
  - 1SullyPROFILE   - 1SparkyPROFILE  
  ~ Sully ~   ~ Sparky ~  














































































































Photo Albums

- Trixie239RB

~ Trixie~
Her Mother is: "Tiegs"  ~  Her Father is: Casper


- Tahoe042RB~ Tahoe ~

Sho-Me's Rendezvous In Tahoe
Born: 10-30-2014
Sired by:  Sho-Me's Ramblin Man aka "Randy"
               Dam is:  Sho-Me's Tango in the Moonlight aka "Tango"


- Geno039~ Geno ~
Sho-Me's Justa Gigolo
Born:  May 5th, 2014 
(I was Celebrating his Birth by drinking Margarita's, as I delivered him & his Litter Mates!)

Pictured at 16 Months of Age
Look at those Bedroom Eyes!



- Harley054

~ Harley ~
Sho-Me's Easy Rider
Born:  March 10th, 2015



- IMG_2068_R0521RB

~ Edith ~
A Strongly Built Female with the Head of a Male!
This Gorgeous Light Yellow Female

Dakota Hunter

- Dakota060714241_R3008RB
~ Dakota Hunter ~
07-07-1998 ~ 10-19-2016

Dakota Singing and Playing his Acoustic Guitar by the Campfire
at Brian Kozlowski's 30th Birthday. 
We all enjoyed it so much!


- SimonPROFILE_R5202RB

The Sun was so Bright on his Very Light Coat,

it may it look like he was Glowing!

At Only 1 Year of Age, Simon is Already Awesome Dog!



Sturgis is only 1 Year Old and already has a
Large English Head and Very Stocky Body!


- NEWStuart2PROFILE_R5534RBI should call him Mr. Magnificent! 

He was one of the smallest Puppies in the Litter and has
now Grown to have the Largest Head and the most Stocky Body!


- Naomi2at7MsMC383YvonnePup_R1840RB

Patton - Penelope Puppy Born 04-10-21

- PattonPROFILE_R1203RB

Patton will be 8 Weeks Old & Ready to Go

to His new Home on  June 5th!

Click on the Profile to see more Photo's of Patton

Paulie - Penelope Pup Born 04-10-21

- PauliePROFILE_R1123RB

Paulie will be 8 Weeks Old & Ready to Go

to His new Home on  June 5th!

Scroll Down to See more Photo's of Paulie!

Pistol Pete - Sweetie Pie Pup Born 11-04-20

- PistolPetePROFILE_R1522RB

Phoenix - Sweetie Pie Pup Born 11-04-20


- PistolPetePROFILE_R1522RB


"Labradors Of Distinction"