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                        PLEASE READ
To:  My Faithful Followers
And to Anyone Else that has Tried to Call or Email
Me and got NO Response
I want to take this time to Explain Why........
12-13-16  UPDATE:  Please Feel Free to Call or Email Me about the Puppies. 
We do have a few Christmas Puppies Available on Dec. 23rd., and a After Christmas Litter Available on Jan. 7th.
I Desperately need to Force Myself to Get Back to a "Somewhat Normal" Routine!  I need to get back to Selling my Puppies and
Trained Dogs.  They are getting
Older and would like to get into their New Forever Homes!  We are doing our best to move forward.
Thank You to All for Your Understanding & Support!  May God Bless You this Christmas and Always!

Dakota, Pictured with
Sandy Kozlowski (Me) on
October 8th, 2016
at Brian Kozlowski's (my son)
 Wedding.  Dakota was a Usher.

On October 19, 2016
 Dakota Committed Suicide.
Dakota is My Fiance's,
Bob Hunter's, 18 Year Old Son

  Our Lives have Forever Changed!
Please Pray for Our Strength!


To see more photo's of
Dakota Click on his Picture

      - Dakota060714241_R3008RB

A Go Fund Me Account
was set up in
Dakota's name. 
We Need Your Help!

Though the Generosity of Friends & Family  we were able to Pay Most of the Cost of the Funeral Services.  We still want to get a nice Head Stone for his Grave. He Deserves It!
We lost Dakota that Tragic Day!
Now we are trying to Recover Financially.
We couldn't  Force Ourselves to Work, due to Depression. We drained what little savings we had just to Survive.  Now the Hospital Bills are coming in.  Insurance helped a lot, but with such a Large Deductibles of $6,000.00 or more it is hard for us to come up with the money.  We still have not received the bill from the Life Evac Helicopter that flew him
to STL. We have heard that it could be as much as $50,000.00.  We have also heard that some families go Bankrupt trying to Pay it.
Insurance has helped a lot but with sucha large deductable of over $6,000.00 it is hardfor us to try to come up with the money.  Westill have not received the bill from theLife Evac Helicopter that flew him to STLInsurance has helped a lot but with sucha large deductable of over $6,000.00 it is hardfor us to try to come up with the money.  Westill have not received the bill from theLife Evac Helicopter that flew him to STL
  ~ Dakota Hunter ~
- DakotaandMe

Rest In Peace,
Until we meet again...
You will be Forever
Loved and Missed

 - AtlantisVacation023_R0158RB
After Dakota's Graduation Ceremony in May, we Flew to the Bahamas for Our
Dream Vacation at the Atlantis Resort!

  Dakota & I were Very Close,
He was like my 3rd Son!
I knew Dakota for several years before
I met his Father.  Dakota had worked
at my Kennel since he was 12 Years Old.
He would take our Boarding Dogs out for
"Nature Walks" and "Play Kamp" he
would even Swim with the Dogs when he
took them out for "Swim Kamp"!  Dakota
loved his Job working with all the Dogs!

 Dakota was in so many Activities while
in High School and still maintained a 4.0
Average and on the Honor Roll every year. 
He loved to Play Music!  Dakota and
3 Buddies formed a Jazz Band, Dakota
played Lead Guitar.  He could also played
the Keyboard!  In the St. James Marching
Band, he played the Drums. He also sang in
the School Choir, he sounded like an Angel.

 Dakota received a Scholarship to:
 S & T in Rolla, MO

He was very Intelligent!  And so
Good Looking!  It seemed as if
everything was going so good for him.
Until that horrible day......

Dakota was a Organ Donor,
All his Vital Organs were Successfully
Transplanted into Recipients that were
in Desperate need for Survival.

"Our Saddest Day has
Become the Happiest
Day for Someone Unknown"

~ Sandra J. Kozlowski ~

 Dakota was still breathing when we finally
found him. He was taken to STL by Life Evac. He was kept on Life Support for 3 Grueling Days before he was Confirmed Brain Dead. 
If we would have taken him off Life Support sooner it would have damaged his Healthy Heart and would not be usable for a Person in Desperate need of a Heart.  Those 3 Days were the Hardest Days Anyone could ever Imagine! But we are Happy we did because
DakDakota Hunter's
Heart is still Beating!
And the Beat Goes On....



In The Mist of the Vineyards of
St. James, Missouri
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"Sho-Me Labradors"

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